(1958 - / From Tampa Florida And Still Living Near By)

The Sense Of Stable Poems

If after using only them you whats left the we.
Is word of mouth very accurate you relying?
If after using only erudition.
Neither both the two, one or the two.
Where goes the words, words I ask go where?
How the word is known by some at all.
From whence you are,
does not carry same the meaning thinking said?
Aristotle, Greek I do not speak,
which poem means of his you broken spoken grasp?
And after the promotion of Shakespeare,
no one speaks that way to you, full I understand.
New founded skeptical theories,
which are easy to be bent in refutation.
My English teacher had a crush,
I must say and do and speak her way.
Take the expression of all her other poems.
I am a man so I prefer it this this way.
Venus to I love the moon the rest she said.
The fact that first one does by mind,
one tongue and order it is meant to bring into the light.
New expressions tightly some exactly.
As for this practice whether you paraphrase,
which how they will be done and prose,
when rhyming to succeed with each translation.
This kind of new exchange brings older poems,
closer to the new are you being aesthetic?
Feelings come and go,
or it is possible to change imaginary dual quality?
With either one,
among those which you change the meaning of.

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