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The Senseless Destruction
NR (11/10/1989 / Dhaka, Bangladesh)

The Senseless Destruction

Poem By nahreen rahman

Under the grey umbrella
I watch the blazing fire
Dancing with the tune of destruction
Burning alive
The evidence of destruction
I smell nothing
But the odour of brutality
That held me standstill
With fight and disgust
That avenged my inner soul
Till I went running
Like a warrior
Stamping on the pool of blood
And corpse of the dead
To save a child
Mourning, yet shocked
To see the barbarism
Of mankind
Who heard the screams
Of pain and desperation
Of his family
Just before their
Last breath
last sight
In this antagonistic world.
I question,
The masterminds
Was the ride worthwhile?
Was it worth avenging
The lives of millions
And sighning a treaty
On the bloodsheds and violences
That tore the heart
Leaving a scar in the minds of millions
Shaking the inner souls of the survivors
And the pain of losing their beloved

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