(1958 - / From Tampa Florida And Still Living Near By)

The Sentence Without A Period

And on that day, his words fell
On my still-beating heart, they were unexpected.

I turned to the jury I was unsteady, the split verdict
was ilogical.
One ask the Judge it was getting late if they
Could break and retire.

The Judge said to the Forman to go back inside
And diliberate
Until an unjust verdict is reached.

Two week's to prepare was all my lawyer had,
For charge's that carried life.
David Allen Dee
Charge's that should have been dismissed on
Motion for a directed verdict.

Two life sentences and thirty years to run consecutive
With each other.
I must manage somehow to hang on where other's
Had taken their lives for much less.
Judge Manuel Mendez.

Everyday for seven year's, I have so much to do.
I must kill this hatred of he, once and for all,
He whom tried to kill me.
I must turn my soul and flesh to stone,
I must learn to live again - Cynthia hair the prosecutor
Who took the witness into the bathroom
And told her what to say.
So it read when read out loud in her deposition.

Summer turned to winter over and over again,
There were no ardent rustlings
Of all that lived festival outside of my window.

For seven long year's I endured rape, assault's and
Robbery by those whom would never get out.
None with a right mind could ever have foreseen that
Brilliant day, his deserted house,
When a female Judge
Named Claudia Isom, read what I sent to her written,
She vacated and set aside
those sentences designed to kill me, that was twenty
Year's a go.

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