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The Seven Sins Again
KL (unknown / the womb)

The Seven Sins Again

> Do we as a people really know or care
> Concerning the seven sins?
> Those sins are apart of our every day life.
> Those sins are apart of our strife.
> I've heard the first was vanity or pride
> Now that is an hell of a ride...
> Be it physical or spiritual, how would
> One keep his/her feet on the ground?
> Sanity what a big role...
> Does God have pride? Then I am lost.
> What mean the word boss?
> Those seven sins has really cost,
> Things to be...
> Unfree and that will include me.

Was it pride that set Eve free
And made Adam give up his freedom of will?
I must appeal...
I am not ill...
But the seven is a thrill...for real,

What envy you? and who...why?
And do you cry?
The have and the have nots...
Gluttony would that be?

Are all seven just pure envy?
Lust not and bust...
Lust not and rust...

The wrath of lust not is have not,
Either way you go...
Whatever door...rich or poor,

Kindness and anger in the long run meet,
Good or bad we sit and eat.
Sometimes eating out of greed...
God speed...

Is lust greed or pride?
Or just sloth...denied?
A natural, physical and spiritual guide.

'Man she looks good'
Gluttony in the hood.

'He is so fine'...or just signs of the time,
Lust is not mine.

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