The Severe Changes Being Made

How severe are the changes today being made?
Remember when people who committed crimes,
Were locked away and sent to prison?
One not equipped to provide those incarcerated,
With the best of technology.

People are committing crimes to be sent to prison,
To enable them to learn a trade to qualify...
For a decent job that pays higher wages.

And those attempting to live decent lives are penalized,
By paying higher taxes on lowered wages paid.
While those severe changes being made,
Are as clear for all to see...
To believe in.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (2)

What to say about your logic, though there is certain truth in it. The criminals have to be rehabilitated and we have to pay taxes for the rehabilitation program..Pity the tax payers, who have, not enough money to take care of their own needs...
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