(1958 - / From Tampa Florida And Still Living Near By)

The Sexual Predator

My exwife because she can, Judge Neil he said.
Hernando county Florida, where once I lived.
Janna Burns she is dead,
one self inflicked gun shot wound to the head.
Before she died,
my exwife let her have my child to baby sit.
Robert Roy Smith Jr,
A multi state violent sexual predator.
Because Judge Neil gave my exwife a restraining order.
Has taken my daughter to this man
on multiple trips to where this individual lives to have sex.
My wife, my exwife is fity seven my daughter is only thirteen.
This same little girl
watched my exwife sleep with my sister in my own house
for a year and a half.
When she was thirty months old.
Do what is right by a child whom is thirteen, whom is thirteen.
D.C.F. it is time to remove this small child.
Me, Myself and I am guilty of giving you life.
With she my exwife your mother my child.
All I can say to you now Sir Judge Neil.
Look what you've done to a child
because to you I spoke to in such a perceived harsh way.
And the other poets have problems I hear.
Maya Angelou just passed away, she would not have published
what above I have said.
I wonder who has taken this picture?

Crime Information - Qualifying Offenses
Adjudication Date Crime Description Court Case Number Jurisdiction & State Adjudication
06/19/1996 SEX BAT BY ADULT/VCTM UNDER 12; F.S.794.011(2) (PRINCIPAL IN ATTEMPT) 9535157 Volusia, FL Guilty/convict
06/19/1996 LEWD, LASCIVIOUS CHILD U/16; F.S.800.04 (PRINCIPAL) 9535157 Volusia, FL Guilty/convict
08/28/2014 LEWD, LASCIVIOUS CHILD U/16; F.S.800.04 9535159 Volusia, FL Guilty/convict
05/28/1997 SEX OFFENSE, OTHER STATE (2 COUNTS: SEXUAL ABUSE,1ST DEGREE) 96-592585 Suffolk, NY Guilty/convict
05/28/1997 SEX OFFENSE, OTHER STATE (8 COUNTS: SODOMY,1ST DEGREE) 96-592585 Suffolk, NY Guilty/convict

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He's out of jail, living with a single woman and her teenage daughter in Hernando Beach. Someone posted a flyer from Hernando County Sheriff Office facebook post to alert everyone on that road and surrounding. He will never stop. They never do.
A very sad state of affairs. Children should be protected, not exploited. Well written.