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The Shadow Man I
CH (21/07/83 / Dublin)

The Shadow Man I

Poem By Colm Hayes

I dreamt a dream this night and in this you were there
I moved towards you smiling as your beauty became clear
You stood hands clasped together a true joy to behold
When an arm reached from behind you and took a stranglehold

Fear and panic griped me as I stormed forward in vain
I watched you gasp for breath as your body shook with pain
I screamed with primal rage as I watched your limp body fall
And saw your assailant standing, a sight I clearly recall

He was born in the absence of light a formless featureless face
A vacant void this hollowed out soul nothing but empty space
The shadow man of amorphous shape, the embodiment of night
My loves killer stood waiting as I came in to fight

I took it hold by the neck and smashed it with my fist
With ever ounce of strength I beat it down, yet it did not resist
Instead I heard it laughing in a cruel and evil tone
I looked upon its face and saw now it was my own

Then it stroke with a mighty blow, straight into my chest
Through the air I flew coming to crashing rest
My mirror image now took hold laughing still as it stole my life
At first I struggled hard then I let end my strife

Before I faded from existence I fond myself awoken
With the vivid image still in mind I saw your slumber unbroken

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A nightmare related in the choiciest of terms.