The Shadow Man Ii

I find myself seated in some obscure packed out theater stall
Surrounded by faces unacquainted to this eye
Each one gazing forward at a vicious down stage brawl
Mere stage combat, spilling blood in steady supply,

The laughing masses watch two men partake in crimson deeds
Tearing at flesh and pounding bone to joy the apathetic crowd
A program lies on my lap which reads, The Shadow Man Bleeds
I gaze up to view the men fall dead, after they have bowed

I am filled with sorrow as the assembly stand, clap and cheer
Disgusted by their barbaric acts, I try to make my escape
As I move up the proscenium they point, laugh and jeer
Their bodies become dark and empty, losing all their shape

As I exit through a door, I am back on my seat
I sit frightened and confused and the events begin to repeat.

by Colm Hayes

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