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The Shadow & The Light
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The Shadow & The Light

Struggling to at last break free
My shadow slipped from under me
And stole away into the night
Seeking shelter from the light

It skipped and tripped in a forest dark
And flitted through a moonlit park
It scurried through thickets black
As soot and smoke without looking back

Then sitting on a tree branch quiet and still
Like a cat perched on a windowsill
It pondered how and wondered why
No familiar site could he identify
Through himself he could even see the sky
And he looked until it overwhelmed his eye
And the darkness began to blur the lines
Until he could not longer himself define

What had become of himself he thought!
Where was he now? Where was he not?

Lost and afraid he called for help
After all he couldn’t save himself
He was a shadow – nothing else
All his life he’d been with someone else
Now all he wanted was to be restored to health
And so he cried to sleep beside himself

The sky began to whisper low
Which caused a stirring breeze to blow
That carried a soft musical tone
That all the trees and flowers know
When they felt it they started humming
A song they call ‘the light is coming’

As they hummed the colors blue green and red
Silently shot overhead
And said ‘Good Morning’ as they greeted the day
And noticed the shadow that had lost its way

“WAKE UP! ” said the light to the shadow!
“You almost missed it”
The place you’re born each morning we visit
“When his foot touches the ground,
Make sure you bless it! ”

And when he observed its affect on night
My shadow decided to follow the light
And happily noting its attachment to me
He blessed the day – he felt so free

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What an excellent poem! The poets here at Poem Hunter are amazing...really amazing! !