The Shadows Of Life

So brave heart, so hardships
Keep thy nerves tight, so keep thy way
It is not to go for and enjoy
All the time, so comes some grieves
Oh, the shadows of sorrows
Make their way too
To bring the gloom to perish the boom
Not letting to bring new thoughts
All perished on the way
So, life needs integrity
So, life needs perfection
And heart wanton to bring happiness
The sky so gloomy, so clouds are
When people hate you, what does it bring?
No flowers laugh, no nightingale sing
When someone leaves you alone
In the gulf of grieves goes your tear
And the sad trace of dieing fear
Shiver the nerves and spark goes down
Tears go out of your eyes, pins in the brown

Tears your eye when one of your heart string dies
Whom to ask for in the chain of cries
It is a link of tears and grieves
It is a chain of life and shadows
Who once meet you, will depart
Who one hate you, will discard
Who once care you, will ignore
Who once thought you, will perish
O, life come, come life to me
I fear thou have gone
What if you are not free?
To give your hand and meet me
There will be no hope, no ray
I can be the one finding no way
Miseries if become food
Hacking all the time your mood
So, fight the time, so fight the gloom
So, forget the morning, so forget the noon
So shadows are tall, so happiness will fall
So minds will stop, so hearts will go
And search the way to life
The last and final attempt
Oh, there is no last thing any way

Because the last bring the first hay!
So trace the horizon, till the shadows gone
And feel the existence, trace the caravan
Oh, life is there in your mind
Oh, life is there, in your heart
Oh, life is in your golden eyes
Life is everywhere if you thought
Where life is, grieves are
So don’t bother by
The shadows of the life
They are just the shadows of the life

by Abdul Sattar

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