The Shadows Of My Hero

Just for a joyful feelings
The household in fear
The trees silent
The birds stopped singing
Human failed to eat
All souls kneel in prayers
Praying for a survival
That moment you showed how strong you are
Joy filled our world

You were two for a season
You did everything for your second
He felt your warmness
For you never allowed him to fear
He was never a misery
He was indeed a blessing
He decided to cut you with blades
How unfair without a choice
You were happy to be cut
Seeing your anticipated second your relief

Despite your ordeals
Room you gave for another
Giving your second a partner
That partner again got you cut
Cut by knives
You survived despite the pain
You lived and so the household rejoiced

Happily you fed the two
Gracefully you nurtured them
They were brave
Their strength your joy
Their joy your health
Their health your gratefulness
Their greatness your concern
Their concern your worries
Their worries your cry
Their cry your tears
You went through hell
Just to make sure they live
You worked day and night
Never to make them inferiors

They were anxious
Anxious to repay you
They set up plans
Plans to make you comfort abode
What a plan from these grateful lads
Your side they enjoy
Your presence their strength
You were the best of bests

Silence in the morning
My tears flows to my chest
I wept till I fainted
I couldn't shout
I couldn't remain silent
Is this the enemies at work?
Or the creator's doing
Only the creator can tell
Why she left without packing her loads
A woman in a man

Despite your sudden departure
Your shadows never left
It shines and brought relief
From your room underneath
You paid bills
From where you were concealed
Your hands and body unmoved
You still bailed us out when needed
You are too much to be called hero
If there be a more meaningful name
I would have called you
You are more than blessing to me

Who sat and watch
My infant care
When I slept
On my cradle bed
My hero
My mother
My mother
My everything
Your little period we cant have in a millennium
Your shadows lives on maami

by Asaolu Abayomi

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