BYB ( / Hawaii)

The Shadows You Neglect

Walking home to roses after each and every fight
Thing that everything will always be alright

Doing all you can to seem as if your truly fucken happy
Smiling aimlessly into the face that you have planed to marry

Endless sounds of wedding bells & pipe organs cloud your mind
While the realest love you'll ever have is always left behind

Blined by one side of him you neglect what you can't see
The trophy girl that your man has made you out to be

His loveless heart, his crooked smile, his ball and chain gets near
if only you could walk away before you dropp a tear

Your mind gets dulled by fairy tails while walking down the halls.
It must be that I'm nothing more than shadows on the walls

by Brian (Yaotzu) Bungcayao

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