Homage To First Dreams

Tidying my work station I look at all the books
around me, Explication de texte by Boilly-Widmer,
containing some favourites: Le Ciel est par-dessus
le toit by Verlaine; Ballade des Dames du temps jadis
by François Villon, also

Astrology, Palmistry and Dreams by Donald Law -
though I use it to prop up my keyboard - still, it can
be read should I want to look up anything about
Astrogenetics and sun signs - even The Children's
Encyclopedia is here - for remembrance

Childhood's fantasies brought me here, I shall always
pay homage to the first dreams I had of being able to
speak in many tongues, and the music of the songs
my mother made us sing as toddlers - Frère Jacques
and Muss'I denn…

by Margaret Alice Second

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This is one of those poems which, if you love him, you love his music and his love of wandering over the hills, saying the poem to himself. It is a wonderful picture in the midst of the darkness of Ireland that this man could find such beauty, such peace in the silence of the glens.
A poem of great imagery and depth.
Nature favours you
on reading this poem the second time, I admired the beautiful scenery of this shadowy waters
......I like the imagery of nature ★
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