Because, You Are My Life.......

The stars are bright in the sky
The moon sails through the sky
The cold breeze freezes my body
and the nights are hurting me without your love
My tears are not stopping without seeing you
and my lips are getting dried without your kisses
My loneliness is playing in side my heart
and your love is holding strong place in my soul
I dream about you day and night with hope
and can not be explained how I feel your love
Your memories only break through my head
I miss your love that comes from your heart
I miss your soul that gives me a life of love
My life could change when I meet you
My loneliness could vanish when I kiss you
My happiness could grow more when I touch you
I am not a great poet to tell you how I feel about you
But I just want to tell you what you mean to me
Because, you are my life with heart and soul

by Ravi Sathasivam

Comments (6)

This is one of those poems which, if you love him, you love his music and his love of wandering over the hills, saying the poem to himself. It is a wonderful picture in the midst of the darkness of Ireland that this man could find such beauty, such peace in the silence of the glens.
A poem of great imagery and depth.
Nature favours you
on reading this poem the second time, I admired the beautiful scenery of this shadowy waters
......I like the imagery of nature ★
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