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The Shakespearian H’actor!

The Shakespearian H’actor!

Poem By Jack E and Rosie Blennim

I am a Shakespearian h’actor.
Well known for my powerful prose.
So talented am I, that with the wink of my eye,
I can whistle a tune through my nose!

I have been famed all the world over,
Acclaimed for my draws in the past.
I entertained Kings and Princes,
With my ‘Fanny In The Grass’.

If old Shakespeare was alive today,
I feel sure he would write just for me.
For I am the h’actor of h’actors,
The one who fills the audience with glee?

Though it greaves me to say, I confess,
A flop I once had on the stage,
The dance of ‘The Dying Goose’ it was called,
Oh, the dance left me in such a rage!

The producer was too tight with the lettuce,
A fact I clearly saw!
As we danced away,
There befell a tragedy one day,
When my beak became wedged up my trap door!

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