The Shaming

The shaming they've done to themselves,
Increases to release a truth many see.
To openly speak about as if,
Past attempts to keep them defended...
Would permanently hide disbeliefs kept to keep,
Behind blocked and locked closet doors.
Like close relatives ignored and not mentioned,
Since the giving of attention to them would mean...
A recognition that tarnishes false presentations,
That would erase impressions of pretentions made.

But no more can the shaming seen,
Be kept discreet and secret.
To allow those under sheets peeking with evil eyes,
Cast them away when the dawn appears at Sunrise.
Or try to adorn their suits and ties,
To dismiss the dripping from fangs and manicured hands.
It's all in the open and in broad daylight,
No words spoken can excuse or explain away...
Their wickedness inflicted that brings them decay.

Lost souls once believed their misdeeds,
Would leave them triumphant.
Lost souls once believed,
They would not be judged but praised.
Lost souls selling pain to gain themselves victory,
But defeat and shame are theirs to claim...
To remain unchanged as their legacy stains.
And the hope for their redemption,
Descends into an eternal hell...
Where together they dwell after being sent,
Without consideration of forgiveness wished or wanted.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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