The Shema: You Shall Be The Lord Of All (As You Were From The Beginning)

Where have the gods of the Egyptians been
. when their warriors drowned where Hebrews have crossed?
Where had Dagon of the Philistines been
. when their victory o'er Israel paused?
Where had Baal of Canaanites been
. when, 'gainst Elijah, his prophets have lost?
Where had Nisroch of the Assyrians been
. when, by the hand of God, their hosts were tossed?

From the start, You O God of Israel
. have cared for them by Your loving kindness;
From the covenant You've made with Abram,
. You have shown Your people Your faithfulness;
From the time Jacob called upon Your Name,
. You've showered Your elect with Your goodness;
From the day You've called Moses in Horeb,
. You've saved them with Your mercy and kindness!

As I ponder these things in my heart,
. O how I want to shout all Your praises!
As I recall Your glory o'er Hebrews,
. I want to dance ev'ry kind of dances!
As I look upon Your love o'er your church,
. for Your Word, O how I want to witness!
And as I recount Your goodness to me
. O Your Most Holy Name, I want to bless!

For Your goodness, O God, never changes
. and Your kindness, O Lord, won't be decayed;
Your loving kindness, it never ceases
. and Your great mercies, they will never fade;
Your steadfast love, forever it endures
. and Your gentleness will never degrade;
Forever Your faithfulness manifests
. and ne'er will pass away all that You've said!

Now, all the stars will fade in Your glory
. and the lofty mountains, 'fore You, will fall;
All the creatures You've made shall worship You
. and shall praise You, whether tiny or tall;
All the nations shall declare Your Lordship
. and Your Deity's proofs, they'll confess it all;
You shall be enthroned, O Christ, as the King;
. You, O Jesus, shall be the Lord of all!

As for those gods, they were made of lies
. and liars were all their prophets and priests;
Their words and oracles were very poor
. and their senseless laws belongs to the least;
The values they have were disgusting
. and they were similar to unclean beasts;
All the traditions they have are useless
. and vain are their debauched and unclean feasts!

For You alone, O Great I AM, are God;
. yes, You alone, O Christ Jesus, are Lord!

by Yehoshua Shim'onai

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