MPJ (7th Nov.1943 / New Silksworth / Sunderland Co/Durham England)

The Shepherd's Choice

Some stand some sit some kneel some laze
Some mill around for fun
Some sheep will in a pasture graze
Before the midday sun

At times they seek to rest a while
Contently stroll the land
Rising to walk an extra mile
Beneath The Shepherd’s hand

They’ll forage in the fertile glades
Pausing to look around
They’ll nibble on odd selected blades
On tender flower found

Constant a babbling brook runs near
Inviting to it’s flow
Quite safe the flock devoid of fear
Can drink where’re they go

The Shepherd keeps the wolf at bay
The buzzard swoops in vane
Even the sheep that err or stray
Return to graze again

Always The Shepherd stands in view
Beyond the same old tree
From dusk until the morning dew
His watchful eyes can see

His eyes are like a burning flame
His feet like glowing brass
Yet all the sheep He knows by name
Can safely chew the grass

Such calmness in the sky above
Such warmth within His voice
The sheep can feel The Shepherd’s love
And make His way their choice

by Michael P. Johnson

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