The Sheriff Coldly Cogitates And Indolently Perambulates

Avuncular melodious
determinedly ambiguous
if it isn't in the meaning
than it may be in the words

Avuncular dependency
and horny cornucopia
The King is in his counting
house drinking from his porringer

Avuncular proclivities
with Peruvian expatriates
The queen is on the balcony
she's remarkably gregarious

Avuncular innocuous
with truculent asparagus
The prince is merely fatuous
his face is so lugubrious

Avuncular mellifluous
mendacious little sycophant
The princess stoops to castigate
(By this she hopes to obviate)

The Avuncular exacerbates
the supercilious potentates
The president equivocates
with flowers at the city gates

Avuncular pentameter with
far more legs than character
The Sheriff coldly cogitates
and indolently perambulates

Avuncular sincerity
with unexpected probity
Ministers file in and out
and wheedle with dexterity

Avuncular and posted here
without the gist that we hold dear.
If it isn’t in the meaning
Well, let's hope it's in the words

by Sean Joyce

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Great job! How about a bio? Bob