TD (12/6/41 to? / Amersham, Buckinghamshire)

The Shifting Sand

Ever since you went away,
last thing at night I lie and pray,
And think of you somewhere afar
And ask the angels how you are.

The angels tell me you're ok,
You dance and sing and love to play
And do those things for all you're worth
That, crippled, you missed out on earth.

They tell me your new life is bliss
The only thing your really miss,
Where you so happy sat and played -
The sandpit that your daddy made.

So every night they bring you back
When we're asleep and all is black
And let you play there for a while.
They love to see your lit-up smile.

And so one night while others slept,
Into the small back yard I crept,
Kept silent vigil that I may
Just once more see you there at play.

But nothing happened, no-one came,
Just disappointment, such a shame.
I'd hope for just a little sign,
But your world is apart from mine.

Though something made me stand and stare
And no, I didn't see you there.
But how the angels understand......
They let me see the shifting sand!

by Terry Donovan

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