MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

! The Shining. For Tara.

It shines.
It shines from the new-born baby;
shines in the magic of birth.
It shines in first love;
in lasting love.
It shines in laughter,
in tears of sadness,
in tears of joy.
It shines in wisdom,
shines in goodness,
shines as beauty.
It shines in the held breath
of the peace of dawn about to break;
it shines in the stillness
of the hour of sunset.
It shines as life.

There is no limit to its shining
except the denying of it
and even then,
it shines

Since you know it so well,
does it need a name?
A name perhaps, to praise?

Nameless, known to all,
beyond all praise,
it shines.

by Michael Shepherd

Comments (6)

I am so happy to have chanced upon this beautiful tribute to a dear friend of mine. This is absolutely lovely and she so deserves being remembered...Realize I'm abit late to this but wasn't around here 'till Feb.07..........marci. :)
Michael, I am deeply, deeply touched. I take support and hope from this beautiful piece. You are a shining star and I am grateful. t xxxxxxxxx
How silly some of us were.... to forget. Thanks for reminding us. Bless you Michael, dear man. Bless you, Tara little girl. The readiness is all.
Indeed mon ami, Tara is the shining, and much loved...
The Light that shows us all the way to peace - My prayer is that Tara will find it. Beautiful, dear Michael. You know what to say at a time when we all need to see the same Light. Thank you for the love that you shared with us all.
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