The Shiny Guy

Alexis stepped into a shaft of light and spiralled upward
Until he was inside the UFO that gyrated and flew out of sight.
The sky filled with still before a clap of thunder was heard.
His younger brother Mikis recalled that creepy night...
The boys were riding bikes when something lightened the dark.
A huge flat saucer hung low in the air buzzing like a bee.
They pedalled the bikes in horror befoore the UFO emitted a spark.
As an oval beam of white light shone on Alexis, he cried out, ''Glory be! ''
And the light disintegrated into gleaming shards, like a cherry bomb.
Mikis watched Alexis hover two feet above the ground and fell down.
The UFO faded out as sharp as it appeared, and Alexis turned numb.
His body was glistening; tiny flakes over his head formed a crown.
For a year he rarely left home, his weird looks provoked laughter.
Mikis was sleeping when Alexis wrote a note to his brother.
It said, ''I'm leaving the Earth to prevent the cosmic slaughter.
I know I'm gonna miss you all, but I have to travel farther.''

by Aram Stefanian

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