The Shirt

When I saw the forgotten shirt
(My God how it hurt)
Lying there slightly crumpled on the floor
As if you'd just removed it minutes before
You've been gone so long
I thought that I'd got strong
How could I have missed it before
Did you leave it behind deliberately as you walked out the door?
Did you somehow contrive to make it fall
Down behind the dressing table and wall
Knowing it I would some day find
And the finding would upset my mind
As I pick it up I can smell even yet
Your aftershave and yes your sweat
Could it possibly be because
Cruelly renewed heartache you wanted to cause
By bringing back memories of what it had cost
To finally admit that to me you were lost
Knowing it would bring back memories of when you were there
In this now lonely bedroom which we both used to share
For it conjured up your image as if you were here
Standing before me familiar and dear
Or was it a symbol as if to say
Part of you still wanted to stay
Were any of these thoughts in your mind.
When you walked out of my life leaving your shirt behind
Or did you just misplace it in the rush to go
I don't suppose I'll ever know.

by Annie Doherty

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