The Shofar

Poem By Jonathan Goldman a.k.a JGthepoet

Jews are commanded to hear it.
What is it, that they must hear?
It is the Sound of the Shofar,
Which is blown on Rosh Hashanah each year.

What is a Shofar you ask me?
A Ram’s Horn blown by Man,
In Shul on Rosh Hashanah,
By a Ba’al Tekiah ~ a Pious Man.

How many Sounds must we hear?
One Hundred, should be blown each day.
Tekiah, Shevarim, Teruah,
Remind us for Repentance we must pray.

We stand up to hear the Shofar,
We wait for the Notes patiently,
We hope that the Sounds will be perfectly round,
And not too painful on our ears.

A Hundred Notes are blown during the Service,
They aren’t blown all at one time,
Thirty, Ten, Ten, Ten and then Forty,
But there is never an encore.

© Yisroel Yonatan Goldman [JGthepoet] - 2 October 2005

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