* The Shore Of Love **

I swam
in ocean of difficulties
infested by the heartless
sharks of hate
and repugnant reptiles
of social norms

The mountainous waves
of taunts chided me
the twirling
twisters of taboo
threatened me
The undersea
volcano of criticism
gnawed my very soul

I steadied
my wavering ship of will
The sun of hope
was beckoning
me at horizon
I, clasped
the reflected sunrays
with both hands
like a summer-dried fountain
awaits those raindrops
just to remain afloat,
I burnt
my last dropp of
blood to
keep my body engine breathing.

At last,
the stubborn
fate succumbed
and genuflected
to my immobile will
Ah, I reached
the shore of love
the divine love



Comments (57)

Wonderful poem, I liked it...............10
I like the confidence inherent in your poems. Last stanza touches height.10+ for any of your poems
Wow another one of your poems going into my favs, this just really speaks to my soul.
A very enjoyable read....great.
wonderful poem Anju, well done.
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