The Shortest Epic.

Big bang!
In void's lab did happen
Such an awful explosion;
So is it fixed in human.

Had her course so cryptic
Through caverns pure and static,
Though often seems pragmatic.

Angels boasted, of purity
Jinns too, of versatility,
But liked not man's divinity.

Having lost the seat blessed,
Adam in repentance traversed,
Others, in turns, all sauntered.

Since origin is she chaste,
Still stand even the outcast,
But, adore not any holocaust!

Of Greed and feud shall all wander,
Intruding other's boarder,
Will find life and death harder.

The Supreme Being so Benign,
Of compassion do all align.

by Tajudeen Shah

Comments (7)

Explosion! ! With the muse of life. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
A thought provoking poem and beautiful rhymes.
Starting with Big Bang and ending in God, man's epic journey is completed! Enjoyed these triplets, especially the one on Time !
Beautifully defined each Epic in Short, The shortest Epic...I loved each one of them. Very true said in poetic notes. origin is the end, end is the origin. is it so? One can see neither origin nor end, I feel we entered the world in between, so we couldn't catch up with neither ending nor beginning and we will be leaving in between. So we won't be able to see the other end. It's really a thoughtful write and each carries an in depth meaning. Your each writes are quite interesting. I loved reading it and Thanks for sharing with us.
The shortest epic having lost the seat blessed. Very nice writing. Nice expression.
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