If Money Speaks Every Language

If money speaks every language of us what does this say
That there are billions of losers in the Human World of today
And i must be one of them for my years i do not have assets and little money for my time to show
And wealthy people i only know of but cannot claim to know
But in many peoples eyes money and assets the type of person you are does not define
It does not mean you are a superior person if you can afford to drink the most expensive wine
Material wealth does not make a person better in any way
Than the person who works hard for a small take home pay
Material wealth it does have it's source in greed
I know people who are not wealthy themselves who go out of their way to help those of helping in need
Of the praises of money you hear so many sing
And to the majority nowadays money does seem the in thing
But it does seem puzzling quite puzzling indeed
That the more money some people do have the more they seem to need.

by Francis Duggan

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...............beautiful and holds true today ★