Spoke On Line

We only spoke together on line
Our friendship not to pass the test of time
As we played an online game
My life to change never be the same
You started to just wake me up inside
Where my spirit for years did hide
You lifted me from the nothing I’d become
My heart soul being had been numb
We only laughed spoke on the phone
Each others dreams now was known
I wanted to help you catch your dreams you know
Me too old my real love I did not reveal or show
We were just on line friends with no ties
From a distance you entered through my eyes
Youth running through my unprotected doors
My heart soul mind you read I was yours
You promised to stay and help set me free
We began and together we started to find me
Then things all went all wrong
You fell for another’s song
I wanted to protect help as you meant lots to me
Though you didn’t realise this now I see
And as quickly as you did arrive
You left me part woken and also crying inside.

by Micron

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