My Garden

I've a garden, a garden of dreams,

Where the cool breeze whispering sways
Softly the apple-sprays,

And from leaves that shimmer and quiver
Down on mine eyelids streams
A slumber-river.

by Sappho

Comments (8)

marvelous Poem, a great 10, tony
I am going to read this over and over until each and every word has sunk into my heart and soul. This is a heart flayed open for all to see- his fellow man, his Creator God, angels and demons he bids come see. Breaks my heart- God did not create us to cause misery nor feel misery. We are meant to feel love for others and love for self. Magnificent write.
With the whiz of a sword! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
To thrive to excel within that which we are...not looking at what others have on their plates. Outer wrappings may deceive. Crack open the shell of any nut then the wholesomeness or rot shall be the wrap any of the rainbow shades. This astounding inner struggle poem....powerful compelling craftsmanship.
The persisting struggle of cultural and colour differences still exists, despite our hopefulness for the future..
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