The Shrub Alhenna Tree.

Shrub alhenna tree stands here
Saying I am loved by the girls here
I make wonderful colors to beautify
They smiles me with gratitude
When marriage proposals comes by
They seek my own helps
I know they loves me
I knows they will water me to grow
This long branches I enjoy my life
The nature always happily helps me
The little girls are a little shiny
When they attains the growth and beauty
Their nails I make wonders
Their inner palm I helps to color a little
Though I have no direct knowledge
Though I have no expressive moods
I call upon the wind to make me happy
And keep me alive in this world of destruction
Though a tree my survival is dependent
In various reasons I fear the destruction
Still I am the selective natural one
The old ladies will tell the story
To beautify the queens and maids alike
In palaces, and huts I served better.

by Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

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