I Was Just Kenton

As we meet for the first time I am just Kenton... no more.. no less
and as we progress I stay in that same place....

Now as I see you in a failed relationship... and things get worst.. I am still just Kenton..
but as you leave him and become single.. I am still here.. and I am just Kenton..

I want to be your knight and shining armor.. the man to solve your problems... but you still see me as Kenton.. I try and establish myself as someone new to you.. I am still Kenton..

Now as try to move on to a new place and a new girl.. now I am someone new to you.. I am no longer Kenton.. but your saving grace in this harsh world or your last chance at a working relationship..

and as reality hits and we start to see what was there.. I am still just Kenton..

but I would love to be more..

by Kenton Jackson

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