( / Bhubaneswar, Odissa, India)

The Silence When Wakes

Silence when wakes the rills of pain
as the whiteness sieges by the darkness
Waves as when being apart from the sea
Evening seemingly silhouetted by the shadow

Blood when chilled across the vein
Tears seems to glean by the clouds
dreams when tossed up by the wounds
Rhythm is lost even from the arrow.

Sky when looks grey dark skull
As the river ripples least by the stillness
Love when frazzled by the sorrow
Zeal yet transpires when disillusioned.

Swaying of the leaf as the light of the green
As the gleams of the warmth by the sun
The smile when the ripples of love from within
Yet the glimmerings of love as revered when enshrined

by Dr subhendu kar

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A lovely heartfelt poem Dr. Kar! ! A pleasure to read as always! ! *10*! Friend Thad