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The Silent Divorce
SS (15/11 / Hong Kong)

The Silent Divorce

Poem By Suraj Samtani

Yes. I do confess.

I do want to talk to you.

& I do want to increase our interaction.

But I also know that this relationship must be mutual.

Never can any force themselves on the other.

So now it seems like

You're restricting me.

Giving me hints, to refrain from

going any futher.

I appreciate your gesture.

For a direct remark would surely hurt more.

I surely understand, &

your wish is my command.

Good luck on our roads apart...

and on a brand new start!

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Comments (4)

sometimes silence is a good sign of divorce well written sad ending
sad one but nicely penned as always -10 anjali
Wisdom in your perception of the situation as well as in your choice in dealing with it. Thanks for sharing something so personal.
beautifully put. -shannon