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The Silent Scream
N ( / Torrance, California, USA)

The Silent Scream

Bound by a never-ending nightmare,
I find myself encaged within a maze of madness
Desperately seeking an out.
But search as I may,
Wander as I would,
Every path chosen
Becomes a mere extension of another,
And every turn taken
Becomes another dead end. Quickly entangled in the web of passages,
I become
A player in a game without finish,
A traveler on a journey without destination;
As I roam within the walls of the maze. Evermore impounded inside the belly of the beast,
I am diseased,
I am plagued,
I am wrought with the madness
Which consumes me piece by piece. Until the sanctuary so sought after,
Presents itself to me.
The sanctuary to peace of mind.
The sanctuary away from this psychotic dream
Which kills me slowly. That I would be liberated, I embrace it wholly,
Only to discover myself naked
In a wilderness made of thorns,
In search of a key
To a door
Which holds no room...

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