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The Silent Visitor

I love her dearly,
And long to tell her how I feel.
For so many years of her life,
I remained silent,
Frozen in fear.

I watched each important event,
In her wonderful life,
And cheered her on,
With a heart,
Full of pride.

The day she married,
I lingered silently behind her,
Watching as she lay,
A single white rose,
On my chair.

When her babies were born,
I watched from above,
As the little ones slept.
I wept silent tears,
For longing to be part of their lives.

One time, her first born,
Gazed up at the ceiling,
While nestled in her arms.
She said 'what do you see...
has Grandma come to visit? '

I hovered frozen in fear,
Of being found out.
How could she know?
But, that's my girl,
She always did have that gift.

I don't visit her as often now.
She has a family of her own.
I like to be there when she cries,
To silently wipe away her tears,
And chase the fears and sadness from her heart.

I've been silent most of her life,
And remain silent now.
Though I long to tell her,
Oh, how I long to tell her,
How much I really care.

I follow her hopes and dreams,
Share her cares and fears.
I am the trees, the flowers, the ocean and the wind.
And sometimes she'll look up and say,
'Hello Mom...I love you too.'

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Comments (7)

This just made me sit and shed a tear. What can I say? I will remain silent too but I think ten will say more than I can say.
That was a great 1. It actually made me cry too. You rock, from Rissa: -)
This is so tear- jerking Beautiful in its nature and I certainly love the theme Bless you for this one Sorry but we only go up to ten on this site Love duncan XXX
A sweet & loving & wonderful tribute. Liked the POV. -chuck
Oh my gosh Dee! This gave me such a lump in my throat....(and having my tonsils removed a week and a half ago...that's not a good thing!) What a beautifully sad poem! I sometimes like to think my dad watches me and can see my kids and the life I've made. I hope so. You put into words what so many of us hope for. Beautiful. Sincerely, Mary
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