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The Silent Voice Speaks
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The Silent Voice Speaks

Poem By Helen Rogers

A spirit is here, that covers all the land, a message for the people,
From a God given man, it is calling, it is from a prophet's plan.
Can you guess? Are you aware? Or do you know this spirit of a man?
It's all around us; in homes, in the schools and in the Churches too,
It lives in the White House, and sits on the bus next to you.
It opens locked doors, and stands in poverty lines,
Employing, feeding and restoring peace of minds.
It walks around prisons and jails, and controls court decisions,
It uses weapons of justice to give us stronger visions.
Things would not be as they are, things would not be the same
Had not the spirit of the 60's lived up to his name.
The spirit continues to touch us, and hope can never cease
To make all people; equal; and restore the world of peace.
Listen! Listen! Listen! My children to the heartbeat and pace of life
For the spirit is silently speaking to us, to throw down the gun and knife.
The echo is heard far and near, from the mountain to the valley below
That together we'll stand, and divided we'll fall; the whole world should know.
We should remember this at sunset and sunrise; When the dove spreads her wings
And listen to the wind as it softly whispers
The spirit is Dr. Martin Luther King!

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