The Silken Tent

She is as in a field a silken tent
At midday when the sunny summer breeze
Has dried the dew and all its ropes relent,
So that in guys it gently sways at ease,

by Robert Frost Click to read full poem

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Please do not read the poem by a computer software!
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Proofread, anybody? Try spellcheck, maybe? Come ON, idiot who put this up! Slightlest - means what?
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So beautiful a description of someone lightly tethered to the here and now.
what is the summaray of poem
A beautiful poem ruined, by a mechanical, computerized hag, Would that I could see her and put her head in a bag. But the voice lurks within a contraption of plastic and steel, (with some aluminium thrown in for good measure) And I know she isn’t real. But still, all the same, I like to get my hands around her virtual throat and squeeze it hard, the awful sounding goat.
.....beautiful poem...and nicely penned ★
what a beautiful and well writen peom! You are definetely one of th best poets of all times!
Old Bob Frost can be quite bent With metaphors about a silken tent And talk of erect cedar poles What could these flowery words portend? He speaks of ties and bondage too And now he's going slightly taut Lookout for Bad Bob on the loose He'll try his luck 'ere he gets caught
Discussed this poem in an English A-Level class last year and it was utterly condemned. In a world blessed with the existence of sunsets and mountain ranges, Frost chooses to express the sentiments of a woman through the metaphor of a tent. Wonderful...
The pole is her character the ties are the rules that keep the pole standing upright. Though, they are only to hold the cedar pole in place during trying times she stands straight usually. Her character is sheltered. The wood is polished and beautiful, and it holds up the tent which would be a household or family perhaps a network of friends that protect the inside from the elements perhaps protecting the next generation of tent poles. Really a beautiful poem.
Hi Brett -I'll have a go at answering your questions! 1. 'As'and 'like' introduce a simile, so the first line is just that.A metaphor speaks of something in terms of something else, so the rest of the poem is a metaphor. 2.The ropes or cords stand for her relationships.She does not feel obligated or constrained by others, so is able to act out of love, both for them and for life. 3,4. The woman is secure in herself and does not depend on the approval of others.Frost might well be describing the kind of relationship that allows the full flowering of a loving personality. Good luck! Andrew She is able to realise her individuality and be wholly herself
I love this poem, good memories. the comparison made the woman beautiful.