The Silvery Touch

Moonlit night
dawn approaching
darkness fading out
the cool gentle breeze

by Kishore Kumar Das Click to read full poem

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Richard, Juan-austin, Rubana, Bipasha, Rajesh, Kumarmani, Anil, Savita, Chandan, Roussel, Fran, Bharati, Rini, Geeta, Petals, Dillip, Sylvia, Mahtab, Ruta..........I don't find any suitable adjectives to express my thanks to all of you for the excellent appreciation shown to my poem. This particular poem was based on my actual experience in watching the moon after midnight at my roof top. I can very well infer that an actual experience can create superior poetry.
There is indeed a spiritual feeling when looking at the moon! Being at one with the universe! Kishore, Congratulations on Poem Of The Day!
A beautiful poem that captures the beauty and wonders of the moon. Great imagery.10+++
Moon boon is well known to us, it has reflects here in this poem, great poem
Absolutely serene. Congratulations for being selected as the poem of the day.
A very beautiful poem where we can feel the whole scenario. Congratulation on this poem being selected as the poem of the day.
This is a VERY good poem, but does it really need to be chosen on the same day for three years in a row? It was chosen on 8/24/2016, again on 8/24/2017, and now on 8/24/2018. The poem is great, but there are thousands of other great poems out there by people who deserve some recognition also. Someone at PH needs to stop being lazy and just letting the computer select the poem from the year before. READ some poems and choose a good one for us to enjoy.
Visited this poem for second time. Congratulations for being selected this poem as the poem of the day.
A very nice and soothing poem. Enjoyed. Congrats on being chosen as POD.
Beautiful and sublime. Congratulations.
Thanks & Congrats, Dear Friend. Exquisitely beautiful and an ethereal experience of a moonlit night.
I was the recipient of joy in the silent night: Great is the creation of the Almighty...a wonderful description of moonlit silent night. Thanks for sharing your joy with us through the poem, dear poet Kishore Chandan
One can feel the contentment in this poem. A well deserved Poem of the day.
I was the recipient of joy in the silent night: Great is the creation of the Almighty. - A great write evoking a gentle and soft feeling - - Congratulations for being selected as the Poet of the Day.
Congratulations for poem of the day..beautiful poem
Great is, indeed, the creation of the Almighty. A wonderful poem Kishore Kumar Das ji. Loved the way you have gradually taken the readers through a pleasant journey from dawn to dusk and finally the wonderful spiritual experience. Heartiest Congratulations.......10
I was the recipient of joy in the silent night....I can imagine the sweet moment! A sweet poem! Congrats! (10)
You are touched by the Moon and the result is your fascinating poem The Silvery Touch. A most deserving Member Poem Of The Day, poet friend! This is for the second time Poemhunter has chosen this as MPOTD. Congratulations from my heart, poet! I have enjoyed very much. You are touched by The Silvery Touch, amazing. A 10 for the Vote
Beautiful poem //// O' moonlit Yes you are great creation of almighty
Beautiful description and beautiful image!