The Simple Soul

A simple soul wonders
as the world makes it ponder.
It shows mercy.
So do you see?

These souls have no thought
to be fought.
They want peace.
Happiness is their feast.

They don't want a fight.
They don't think it's right.
But every now and then they might.
They want to love not fight.

Yes, they seem crazy,
but that's their ways.
A simple soul could be made from anyone.
Do you want to be one?

by Crystal Pierce

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Comments (3)

Very sweet poem, simple yet intelligently put together
The good rhyme, the good meaning and the good intention make this poem is simple but very nice.i like it..keep on writing...playing saxaphone wow thats amazing...keep doing that excellent too_Soul
Very Nice words, thank you for sharing it with us. Keep up!