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The Simplest Pleasures Are Often Most Profound

A warm smile, that comes from the heart

Childish glee, at climbing a tree

A mothers’ sigh, as her babe gently sleeps

A lover’s tender, winsome kiss

Dancing in the rain, splashing in puddles

The ocean at night, waves a riddle

A warm spring day, after winter gray

The first stream of light, o what delight!

Climbing a mountain

On a path less traveled

Losing the way

To find the inner way

Staying sane

In a world going insane

Letting your mad streak

Not get ruined by routine

Letting your light

Get stronger everyday

The universe manifests in simple things

That yield pleasures, most profound

© 13 June 2008, Anita Atina

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Beautiful Anita...man what a great bunch of pleasures...one of the greatest for me is to just lay on the beach and look at the lake.......its awesome to view nature sometimes.
Wonderful sentiment. But it should sing a little. Each line should dance like the one before.
The simpliest of friendships yield the most profound truths. I love this poem Anita for its expression and its meaning. 10!