The Sin

Nila or Bharathapuzha we fondly called her
Just as the mother who taught us to live
In the civilized world as proud citizens
Here she slowly dies and breaths to last
She the prominent river system second to Periyar
Once the proud memory she shared with world
Her sons and daughters they flourished in prosperity
They became prominent partners of world development
Unfortunate, neglected a lot the mother river
Who gave them enough to eat and drink
Through large space of fertile land adjoined
The western ghats she starts the journey
Traverses through different three Districts
Our Kerala enjoyed the blessings hitherto
Our Kerala now slowly going to get the curse
The nature's beauty we boasted in epics
Nature's choice the adjoining villages
The great poets lived near her space
Giving so many themes to their write ups
Unfortunate, now the scenery is in dismal ways
How long she can survive the tragic health
She took the sins of souls as her own
An immerse of relative she forgives them
Unfortunate, the sins we commit can't to forget.

by Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

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