AR (3-2-1945 / California)

The Sinking Of A Relationship

The Sinking of a Relationship
Whatever the circumstance
The end of a love affair is painful always
We somehow drift away
In a storm of sinful replays
All the tears that we have cried
They have all dried
The taste of desire no longer flows
Why nobody knows
If I knew how to forget her
Half the battle would be won
There is no way I can let her
Know that all the feelings are now gone
Our love was rough around the edges
Built around sentimental pledges
True romance never showed its face
And honesty never found its place
So we walked the plank blind folded
Fall into an angry sea that no one can control it
We got off course like lovers who sinned
And our sail never got full wind
With a cold stone heart we sink
We reached a place of no return in a blink
And like an old battleship that’s put to rest
Our hearts rust away, failing the final test

by Alfred Ramos

Comments (2)

Al this is such a universal poem, on how people sometimes lose each other. Another wonderful delivered with impeccable style Cheers Anita
a unique and heartfelt poem...i enjoyed it alot!