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The Sins Of Humanity

I did something years ago that only the sinful could understand
A crime so disgusting that God himself refuses to save my soul
No matter how many times I sob my apologies
Forgiveness is held from me
Close enough that I can see it but too far away to touch
How can I be blamed when I was created to sin
Is that not my purpose
You my father put me in this situation
I cannot help but hate you for that
I see all around me the sin that you made
Why do angels blame man
When it was you who made your children to be evil

by Naomi Waters

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No! ! You were NOT created to SIN! ! You and i were created on earth to learn! ! ! ! ! Earth is the only place for Learning. Learning to become perfect one day. Yes! Sin is very common to mankind. To err is human! You are NOT alone. Seek for the truth from the hands of teachers of righteousness. Calm down beautiful Naomi. Love YOURSELF first! ! Yes! ! There is a way! ! If you care. Then, go to www.yahweh.com and learn from the House of Yahweh. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Hope you guys like this, I worked very hard on it and I ask you guys to comment on what you feel like it means.