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The Skunk At The Side Of The Road
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The Skunk At The Side Of The Road

This is a story as I’ve been told
Of a skunk that was found on the edge of the road
By a set of twins, a boy & girl
And so this story begins to unfurl

They were poor, as poor could be
For in this day there wasn’t much money
And so as they walked upon this road
They found a dead skunk, quite a stinky load

They took turns down the road as they went
Standing in front, so they didn’t smell the stench
They thought how their momma would be so proud
Some meat for the potatoes that were sewn in the ground

But great grandma wasn’t so happy with them
At the time you see they were about five, maybe seven
And didn’t know the difference between stinky and sweet
They thought the fur would bring money, what a treat

She said to them get that skunk out of here
With tears in their eyes, and a look of fear
All they ever wanted to do was help
I can’t imagine how they felt

But she still thought they were the best in the world
Vernon the boy, and Verna the girl
And this is story as I’ve been told
Of the Rice Twins and a skunk at the side of the road


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