MO (6 July 1989 / Upper Hayford, England)

The Sky Is Crying Today

The sky is crying today.
Sadness grips the world,
grips even at your cold heart.
Frozen by fear, drowning in alcohol,
you fight with slurred words.
Rain falling all around,
soaking your bones, hiding
the tears. You want to be blamed,
scorned, hated. You want me
to hate you. Me. The one
you said you loved,
would die for. Me.
Now you Need me to hate.
You need to feel that there
was and is nothing. No love,
no feelings, no promises.
Water, the healing liquid, traces
the route of our tears.
Standing in that pain for
seemingly hours. Your best
attempts for hate fail,
fail like your attempts at
blotting out your emotions.
Falling to the ground, holding
your heart close to mine.
I am crying today.

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