The Sky Is Falling

The sky drops down on my shoulders,
White clouds press against my ragged body,
Crushing me under the weight of a million souls.
I push hard against it, but there is no use.
It drops farther down on me,
Pushing me to my knees.
Pushing me down into the ground.

Dripping clouds of visceral tears
And years and years of gathering weight.
They push down against my shoulders
And I cannot push back.
It shoves me into the ground
And I realize that the sky is falling.
The sky is falling on my shoulders.

It pushes me down, buries me
Under the weight of a million souls
The sky is falling on my shoulders
And there is nothing that I can do.
It pushes me down deeper into the ground.
Down, down into the ground.
And all is gone, all is lost.

by Megan Ayscue

Comments (1)

Let the sky fall if it so desire. it's not your sole problem if it falls, it will definately fall on the shoulder of everbody. Good poem.