I am from Panama and i am full of words,
So come and let me show you my concubines;
Then, you can explore my sweet love.
With two legs and two eyes,
With two hands and two ears,
And like the two pillars of love!
For, i am looking for a place to stay with this sweet muse.

They ate, drank and slept together! !
So, stay the night and enjoy yourself with my love;
And like 'Dr. Flash Hour' at the rush hour of the day!
But if only if i could hold your breasts and kiss you,
Then i will know your mind on this love.

If only if i could kiss your lips and love,
And like the sweet muse of love being reflected in the mirror! !
For i need ylou and i want your naked body beside me,
And like my concubines in the land of my muse.
Yes, come to Panama to enjoy my muse with the red roses of love,
For, i am loooking for a place to stay with this sweet muse of mine;
And, you are all that i need.

by Edward Kofi Louis

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Let the sky fall if it so desire. it's not your sole problem if it falls, it will definately fall on the shoulder of everbody. Good poem.