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The Sky Is With Me
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The Sky Is With Me

Poem By hoedong howard

in gloomy evening, the jeoulsy of my love leads to my mistke.
your tears wet the world coldly
forgetting the exiting sweetness soffacating my breathe, i sing for the unknown love in a hymn of sobbing
when tears of an angel's calls the typhoon to hide my tears, the sky is open to melt all hurts of my heart by moonlight.saturated in the melody of darkenns, i weep with the remain of leave

the unforgettable love welcomes saying goodbye

even if the sky give hard time to my soul, my life is just an ordeal itself
but the sky is with me, always with me!
even if the holpelessness of light behind the cloud hides behind my back, the sky is with me, always with me!
no matter how i try to change, my destiny is the choice of god i believe in.but the sky is with me

listen, for your ears from my voice.the sky is with me in the sobbing of breaking my anger

the sky is with me
even if i lose all wishes of my life with stars losing ways, the sky is with me
i sell my soul to the god to be with you that i have lost but the sky is with me, always with me

even if i have lost you, my love never change so the sky is with me
i keep silence with sad birds stopping singing
even if i can't get it back, the sky is still with me

in gloomy night, i stay overnight alone.
when my soul that you threw sleeps with darkness, my desire wishing for freedom eternally send the remain of my love.

leaving the burden of my heart and the disfuction of my thoughts, the unknown frangrance of loneliness wraps me
i worry if the poem described on my paper looking for sad soul calls me at this night making same tears as mine.
the land of korea is not mind.it doesn't give me any space to stand
i've found me lose my wings through mom's tears
but the sky is with me.
even if the flappingofmy wings with scars lose all my wishes and dreams, the sky is with me.
no matter how many times i cry and resist, it will leave me, it will fly from me with birds flabbing thier wings
everything that i never wanted to lose leaves from me
it leaves from me with thorse birds never stopping flapping.
it leaves and flies no matter how strong i hug it
the sky is with me, always with me

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