The Sky.....Unconquered

Who is the artist of this lovely pattern?
Even Gate's software struggles to conquer
Its shifting portraits and scribbled pictures
Fabulous! Fabulous Thy gracious beauty
A tranquil playground for the Emerald moon and the twinkling stars.
Is there any row among the tiny tots?
Shall I call a commission to scrutinize the fixing scandal?
Alas! I am a booby to test your chastity
You are holy! You are holy!
Oh! Roof of the world! Show me your origin and your destiny
Where do you hide the brilliant sun?
Yeah! Don't try to conceal your stealthy lover.
Soft & sweet she shows her love.
An amateur cannot but be gay,
On looking at her multi-coloured outfit.
I know thy well-wishers too
Voyaging and vanishing in you.
An art gallery are they to rejoice you.
You are the gallant guest of my aggressive leisure
You are the comfort of my burning soul.
You are the answer of my endless queries.
You are the console of my solitude.
I love you so much be with me.

by Bhuvaneswari Krishna

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Lovely pattern. Nice work.