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"This is the way I want to be remembered
at my gravesite whether as a body in a coffin
or as ashes in an urn:

I am a teacher...(Meaning: I will teach you)
I am a student...(Meaning: I, also, am teachable)
I am a Christian...(Meaning: I fear no evil; I belong to God)

I am a family man...(Meaning: 'Except we become as little children...')
I am not here...(Meaning: I am present in
God's Eternal Stream of Consciousness)
I am, however,...wherever your thoughts are.

"When you remember something good or
useful that I did for you or for anyone else,
anywhere in the universe, acknowledge it,
then pass it on. Then you and I will both
know that we are truly friends.Why?
Because I love you. We are in touch"

Life can be as beautiful in our Spiritual
Heaven as God's rainbow and promise is
in our reality world.

by Tennyson (Tink) Jenkins

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