When That Moment Comes (Sestina)

When that moment do come
you do fold open like a flower,
when at your feet your clothes do fall
and it feels, as we are alone in the universe
when everything is bound in that moment
and I read the depth of love in your glance.

Reflected in the window a rolling tin that rattles do catch my glance
as if it wants to penetrate everything before to a halt it does come,
a child cries and screams for a moment
and at the windows the wind does rustle the geraniums that flower
that to me is the most beautiful red in the universe
where deeper and deeper into you I do fall,

in a moment of purity my self-conceit comes to a fall
and I become someone with a wide glance:
where I comprehend that all men do stand before the God of the universe
that only true love above all things to fullness do come
and yet you are of all women for me the flower
where we both are in an unbroken moment

and there are so many things caught up in a mere moment
that feels like an eternity until something with a loud bang does fall,
above us I see your painting of triangular roses that do flower
and when my eyes do decent in my sober glance
it's as if everything that does bare meaning do together in you come
and through the windows I see the stars glitter in the universe

but it does not really have an impact as we are in our own universe,
on the porch a door creaks and any moment
I like Adam to a fall I can come
when in the distance I hear the bangs of a church bell fall
there is immediate consternation in your glance
when our youngest child do enter our room with a flower.

At first intense anger in my heart wants to flower,
that in any place in the whole universe
he has the audacity and I read disillusion in his glance,
he does linger for only a fraction of a streched out moment
wordlessly on the floor lets the flower fall
and it feels as if all my emotions to a point do come.

Without a glance at him you drive him away in a shocked moment.
I wish I was somewhere in another universe, when lust do in your eyes flower,
no word fall between us, while everything in the house to a deadly silence does come.

© Gert Strydom

by Gert Strydom

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It just boggles the mind to think that we could be so naive and ignorant to have let these atrocities happen to other human beings not so long ago. What does that say about us? It saddens my heart and hurts my soul.