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The Slaves Of Power

In this country seems more attractive
From politicians, ministers, musicians, religious leaders even noisier form opinions

There is also a former minister and officials participating
While the former boss expressed concern as he patted the left chest

In this country people are getting changed
From characters to modesty; which, had once so proud

In this country, demonstrating always be an option; all seemed to understand the problem
All appear to be more confident in the crowd

Curses and threats was scattered
There was no fear when united in a crowd

In this country will you find people who suddenly became critical when talking about power

All the big head, but did not understand the moral saying

But alas, the majority of people in this country actually laughing with existing noise

This is an original soap opera directed by God

Can be viewed right now and it strived to meet the target time slot

Good luck the slaves of power

by Sari Mavi

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life is original opera..